I am a tea farmer who has been producing Japanese green tea for 21 generations in the birthplace of Japanese green tea.
There are many Japanese green teas on the market, but Kyoto Uji tea is one of the top brands in Japan, and we have been growing this precious tea for about 10 years, only a few of which are grown organically.

Although we distribute our tea to well-known wholesalers in Japan, we have set up a farmer-direct website to bring authentic Japanese green tea to the people of the United States.

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JapanGreenTea ( Leaf )

Tea Leaf served at Kyoto Chaen.  

Limited Edition

Limited quantities of this product are available at Kyoto-Chaen. 

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    This picture is actually Gyokuro.
    Take a sip and enjoy the sweetness and delicacy of Gyokuro as if it were an aperitif.
    It can be enjoyed in the American way without sticking to the Japanese way.
    For more information on how to prepare Gyokuro, please refer to the video: https://youtu.be/rlODJMKFDMY

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    We have started selling a set of 5 types of Kyoto Uji tea.

    This is a 5-piece TeaBag set of popular Kyoto Uji tea used in famous hotels and restaurants in Kyoto.
    Japanese green tea is grown all over Japan, but this set is an easy way to taste the finest brand of Kyoto Uji tea.
    Recommended for the Japanese green tea novice or the curious.

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    This product is "Genmai Sencha with Matcha".
    Genmai is roasted brown rice.
    Genmai-Sencha with Matcha is a combination of brown rice, Sencha green tea and Matcha green tea, and is popular for its aromatic flavor that harmonizes the bitterness of Sencha with the richness and flavor of Matcha green tea.